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Wildlife Images That’ll Thrill You

There is nothing more beautiful than having the perfect shot of spectacular sunset. Or framing that perfect split second shot of a fish eagle as it pulls a fish from the depths of the lake. Wildlife images like these are shot by professional photographers who have years of experience. These wildlife images are a culmination of hours of patience and dedication, an intimate knowledge of the subject matter, and an eye for light, drama and composition.

The perfect image speaks volumes.  Whether it is used for personal pleasure or for commercial use, it can cause a huge visual impact. Wildlife images are used to sell destinations, help raise money or to get a message across in an advertising campaign. They are also framed for personal pleasure. As a reminder of a holiday or an experience or just for the sheer enjoyment of nature.

If you are looking to buy wildlife images to sell something or just to soothe your soul, visit Wildlife Images Online.  This portfolio of stunning photography belongs to South African based Martin Harvey, an internationally acclaimed photographer who has compiled an extensive stock photography library consisting of Wildlife, Travel, Landscape, Aerial and Commercial Photography. Stock photography coverage includes wildlife, travel, aerial, landscape, domestic animals, commercial and indigenous people from more than 20 different African countries. The photographic library also includes a smaller selection of images from Asia, Australia, Antarctica and South America

Martin has travelled and photographed at locations throughout Africa, and is experienced to undertake photography commissions and assignments. He has worked in countries as diverse as Morocco, Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Namibia, Botswana, the Middle East and South Africa. He has expertise in photographing wildlife, wildlife capture, aerial photography, environmental issues, people, accommodation interiors and lodges, pets and domestic animals.

For wildlife images that capture nature at its most perfect or dramatic, click on Wild Images Online and wander through a world of thrilling photographs from around Africa.


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