Martin Harvey Photography

Landscape photography

To be a good landscape photographer you need lots of time, patience and a clever eye to capture and frame your subject correctly. Something that most people don't realize is that a landscape looks totally different with the naked eye than through the lens of the camera.

Martin Harvey is a professional landscape photographer and knows that every good photograph contains certain elements that make it an award winning photograph. Correct exposure, the quality of light and more often than not the principle of thirds all come together to make up a good landscape photograph.

Landscape photography photos have various uses. They are used to advertise hotels, lodges, aspects of architecture. It is also used to capture the beautiful scenery of National Wildlife Parks, Towns, Beaches, and various aspects of beauty in nature.

Landscape photography images have also become a favorite to beautify ones home and many an entrance hall and living space boasts some beautiful landscape photography scene. A selection of my landscape and panoramic images are available on my website Wild Images On Line for you to download to have a look at.


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