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Video showcase

Here are some of the videos I have done for clients and agencies.

The videos are hosted on Vimeo, (which is a video hosting platform much like Youtube)

There are a number of ways to view the videos

I would recommend that you right click on the title of the video and then open in new window, this will take you to Vimeo itself .

The videos are uploaded as high definition so you can watch the video just as it is or you can right click on the picture and it will give you the option to watch it on full screen.
Press escape to return to small screen.

If the video is not downloading in real time, I suggest clicking pause, wait for the video to download for a few minutes, drag the blue viewing bar back to the start and press play and you should then be able to watch the entire video smoothly.


Varkie The Aardvark. from Martin Harvey

The Flame Birds of Bogoria from Martin Harvey

Glen Afric Wildlife Photography Workshop from Martin Harvey


Africa Photo Safari from Martin Harvey on Vimeo.


Waterhole from Martin Harvey


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