African Wildlife Prints Make the Perfect Décor Accessories

It is a sad fact that, despite the very best effort of game rangers and conservationists, the number of species on the endangered list continues to grow apace. It seems that a time in which our grandchildren may only catch sight of many of these in the pages of glossy magazines or in TV documentaries may be approaching even more rapidly than we feared. That said, more and more individuals and nations are now taking the plight of these creatures more seriously and doubling their efforts to prevent their demise. While we wish them every success, it is destined to be a tough battle and it is, at least, some consolation that so many of these ill-fated creatures have already been immortalised in the form of African wildlife prints by some of the world’s most accomplished photographers.

Of course, anyone with a digital camera, a smartphone or even an old Eastman Kodak Brownie should be able to capture a reasonable image of some animal that caught their attention at a zoo. But, while this may serve as a visual memento of the occasion, it is unlikely to reveal much of the true nature of its subject and its behaviour when in its natural habitat. By contrast, to do so will require the photographer to pay a visit to the appropriate habitat, to have the patience to wait for just the right moment and the experience to recognise that moment, as well as the necessary skills to capture that moment, either on celluloid or in digital format.

There can be few people in the world who remain unaware of the wholesale slaughter of rhinos and elephants that has steadily decimated the numbers of these magnificent beasts whose origins lie deep in the pre-history of our planet. Today, the walls of many homes, both African and European, are adorned by wildlife prints of these and of other creatures hunted to near extinction. Rather than moving the viewer to mourn their demise, however, these meticulously composed images serve to glorify the strength and the beauty of these animals while, at the same time, contributing substantially to the character of any room in which one may choose to display them.

There can be no doubt that the power of these images derives as much from the skills of the photographer as it does from the character of the animal subjects. This remains just as true whether the images may be of a great white shark engulfing a hapless seal in its enormous jaws, a pride of lions drinking from a waterhole at dusk, or a tiny humming bird hovering over a delicate bloom whilst feasting on its nectar. All are the stuff of the African dream, of the international wildlife magazines found on coffee tables and filling the shelves of CNA, and of the many photographic prints that have now become the preferred décor for the walls of a great many homes, both locally and all over the world.

Britain’s Sir David Attenborough is, of course, a man that is known and admired throughout the world for his many awe-inspiring photographic contributions to publications such as National Geographic and for his numerous TV documentary series that include epics such as The Blue Planet and Zoo Quest for a Dragon. However, the Republic of South Africa is certainly not without some world-renowned photographers and videographers of its own. Of these, the one who has gained the widest acclaim on the international scene is undoubtedly Martin Harvey. The good news is that if you happen to be looking for a really great way to transform your home or your office, many of his most iconic photographs of African wildlife have now been made available for sale to the public in the form of fine art photographic prints.

What Martin offers is an experience that is far-removed from that of visiting a store and selecting from the same collections offered at most other stores. Instead, you can take your pick of anything that you may see displayed on our website. However, if you are unable to find precisely what you want, you can also ask this talented photographer to show you some additional images, from his extensive personal collection, which might perhaps match some specific theme that you have in mind.

Equally accomplished in the art of interior photography, Martin is well positioned to offer expert advice on integrating these exquisite African wildlife prints into your décor.