Helicopter Horizons – Okavango Delta Scenic Flight. Botswana

Going on a safari to Botswana? Then a scenic flight over the Okavango delta is one of the most adrenaline filled activities you can do. As the old saying goes – it really is the most fun you can have and still keep your clothes on!

Okavango Expeditions – Mobile Safari in Botswana

Okavango Expeditions is a mobile safari operator in northern Botswana. A mobile safari is one of the best ways of exploring the wilderness areas of Botswana.

Wildlife Photography Workshops

After many years of photographing animals from the back of a vehicle, working with habituated animals that are used for film shoots is a whole new exciting experience. Being eye to eye with a lion or leopard or any one of a number of species is more personal and gives you an adrenalin rush like…

African Wildlife Prints Make the Perfect Décor Accessories

It is a sad fact that, despite the very best effort of game rangers and conservationists, the number of species on the endangered list continues to grow apace. It seems that a time in which our grandchildren may only catch sight of many of these in the pages of glossy magazines or in TV documentaries…