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Lodge Photography | Destination Photography | Image Portfolios for Hotels and Game Lodges

How do people select a destination they have never travelled to before? They usually rely on three things:

  • reviews,
  • recommendations from travel agents or friends, or
  • the venue’s portfolio of videos and photographs.

Even when investigating reviews or recommendations, your average tourist is going to want to see images that illustrate the hotel or lodge; images that show the interiors, the exterior and surroundings, the food and the activities available.

Safari Tent, Hyena Pan, Botswana

With more than 50% of tourism bookings actually made online today, and even more than that being researched online prior to booking with an agent or directly, it is exceptionally important to have a marketing portfolio of photos and video that shows your lodge, hotel or venue off to its best advantage.

Now, more than ever, it is vital to promote your lodge, hotel or resort via well illustrated websites and social media. This is what you use to attract and convince the potential guest to choose your establishment over another.

Leading wildlife and travel photographer, Martin Harvey, is also renowned for his destination photography. A hotel or game lodge shoot by Martin will definitely:

Attract website traffic and get more bookings

A picture is what makes a destination desirable; it is what makes people dream of travelling. More than anything else people want to see what a destination looks like. It goes almost without saying that interior photography of your lodge or hotel will speak far louder than the written word. A beautiful picture is what will bring guests to you.

Inclusion of photos in your web content, social media and online advertising campaigns is essential, as many internet users do image searches along with normal keyword searches. These images will help to attract more and relevant website traffic, and ultimately increase bookings.

Lodge and hotel photo & video portfolios include:

  • Professional interior and exterior photography of all aspects of your lodge or hotel, including photographs of food and leisure activities.
  • Photos that will inspire the traveller to book accommodation.
  • Compilation of photos for specific media outlets, including magazines, coffee table books, brochures, professional presentations, newspapers, third-party websites, including directories, your website and social media pages.
  • High resolution lodge or hotel photos suitable for print or web publishing. Provision of photos on CD.

Contact us for a professional portfolio of incredible images and video that can be used to market your game lodge, hotel or tourism venue to potential guests and travellers.