Patagonia is the southern part of South America and encompasses some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. To me, the word “Patagonia” has that exotic, wilderness like association similar to Borneo, or the Kalahari and in fact it really is as spectacular and wild as the name implies. (unlike Borneo which sadly, isn’t very wild).

It’s a landscape photographers dream and nightmare all rolled into one. Nightmare, as the weather can be appalling with persistent rain and winds that will literally blow you off your feet, but a dream when on the odd day the sun rises and bathes the mountains in light so golden that it’s a photographer’s fantasy come true.

Recently I had the privilege of traveling to the southern Andes with landscape photographer Hougaard Malan – we visited two areas, Torres del Paine National Park and , Los Glacieres National Park which is a bit further north.

Both areas are stunningly beautiful. Torres del Paine has the advantage of a road running through it, so for the lazy like me it is a bit more accessible. It also has some wildlife and its possible to see condors, guanacos and even the occasional puma. Los Glaciers on the other hand is perhaps a little more scenic but to get to the more beautiful parts it requires some serious walking. Because of its spectacular beauty, Los Glacieres National Park is a World Heritage Site.